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Select Your Membership Level

  • Preschool Game Faces

    Every month
    Access a private (realistic) early childhood community
    • Access Live and Recorded Lectures and Workshops
    • 2xs a month (or 24 a year)Live Individual and Group Coaching
    • Relate to hundreds of educators like yourself
    • Realistic Conversations About Industry Challenges
    • Meet Other Early Childhood Educators Like Yourself
    • Free to Cancel at Anytime With NO Fees
    • Digital Downloads Library with New Downloads Each Month
  • Administrator SILVER

    Every month
    Individualized coaching sessions and focus on program needs
    • 2 Individualized one-hour coaching sessions per month
    • Monthly review of program goals
    • Monthly evaluation of adherence to grant assurances
    • Assistance with employee challenges
    • Assistance with recruitment and retention
    • Free to Cancel at Anytime With NO Fees
  • Administrator GOLD

    Every month
    Unlimited administrative assistance and support
    • Personal administrative support via phone and video call
    • Assistance with employee relations challenges
    • Leadership guidance
    • Assistance with grantee compliance
    • Access to unlimited digital downloads
    • Includes full access to Game Faces Preschool Community
    • Free to Cancel at Anytime With NO Fees
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